We are in a mission

to change the short and mid-term rentals market, by bringing technological innovation to optimize our clients' revenues.

About OptylonTech

At Optylon we love technology and truly believe that it can helps us improve the short and mid-term rental management business, for property owners that really don't have the time to manage their assets. When we first started to design and build the product, there were two very important keywords: optimization and transparency.

We set on a mission to increase our clients revenue, by optimizing the rentals occupancy rate and the daily pricing, by bringing into the field the help of computers to do the hard work for us.

But that's not all. While optimizing profitability through our automated algorithm, we also put emphasis on full transparency, securing continuous follow up and information sharing through the owner's dahsboard, accessible through any device with a connection to the internet.

The team

Charles Wanecq | FR

CEO and Founder


in @Charles Wanecq

The visionary that started it all and took us along with him. Usually you can find him amongst numbers. He also brings us macarrons sometimes.

William Tonnard | FR

Founder. Strategy & Development


in @William Tonnard

William came all the way from Hong Kong to help us build Optylon. A long time global trotter with many creative business ideas especially on hospitality.

João Cristóvão | PT

CTO and Founder


in @João Cristóvão

Technology addict, loves trully disruptive stuff. And Haskell. He is also an entrepreneur by spirit and will, and has two adorable kids.

Gonçalo Franco | PT

CEO and Founder


in @Gonçalo Franco

Engineer logical mind, focused on processes, with passion for people and new developments. He is with Optylon from day zero.

Joel Matias | FR



@Joel Matias

Motorcycle, technology and sports enthusiast. He was born a developer.

Elena Velte | GR

Data Scientist


Like any good german, Elena is very accurate and precise. She knows how to make big data talk to us.

Jorge Diaz | VE

Front-end designer



He comes from Venezuela, but his Portuguese genes help him to talk 7 languages, Chinese included. He speaks also front-end code and UX. Can EV train with both eyes closed. If you wanna catch him, an invitation to go for an animation movie will do, he just can't say no.

Sofia Silva | PT

Front-end developer



She's very enthusiastic and eager to test everything tech-related. Loves to get our front-end platform working automagically. She programmed her own pebble and comes from the beautiful region of Alentejo.

Ana Feliciano | PT

Executive Assistant


@Ana Feliciano

Ana has worked in trading, studied psychology and is currently getting deep into commerce and international business. We are lucky to have her with us to keep everything running nice and smoothly. If you wanna make her smile, send her cute cats' videos.

Daniel Maia | PT

Ninja Senior Designer


@Daniel Maia

A dynamic and resourceful designer that loves all areas of the design. Eager to create the best printing materials, looking to create unconventional design to unveil new styles and ways to communicate. Plain and simple, I’m awesome! At least it's what my mom said.

Octavian Vinteler | RO

Software Dev Intern


@Octavian Vințeler

He likes to constantly learn new things and to explore his surroundings. His favourite things change on an average every 5 minutes, when he discovers something new. He needs to know everything about everything, and to constantly challenge himself.